About Us

U.S. Elliot Medical Solutions LLC is located at Cleveland of Ohio. Cleveland, having U.S. top 3 medical organizations Cleveland Clinic Foundation (CCF), Case Comprehensive Cancer Centers and Case Western Reserve University Hospitals, CWRU(Case Western Reserve University)has 17 Nobel laureates, is one of the most important biomedical and clinical research centers in the U.S. The Elliot MD has experienced and multidiscipline consultants specialized in biology, chemistry, medical and clinical studies. We focus on providing qualified expertise and in-depth analysis for those seeking biomedical, engineering, and scientific consultation and services for both medical devices and cellular & gene products.

Our goal is to build the best path link to future medical


We are qualified Experts you can Trust.

We offer experienced, multidiscipline consultants providing qualified, relevant expertise and in-depth analysis for those seeking biomedical, engineering, scientific and clinical consultation and services.

Our expertise is using science and research to provide consultation and solutions for clients seeking bioengineering or biomedical expert opinions and analyses for FDA submission. Our top objective is to provide the most qualified consultation to our clients based on extensive experience.

Our team of Biomedical Device has experts in regulatory affairs, quality assurance, clinical trials, biocompatibility, biomaterials, and implantable devices. Based on your needs, a team will be tailored to ensure that your specific project is successful.

Our team of Advanced Cellular & Gene Therapy has expertise in regulatory affairs, IND/IDE applications, GMP/GTP manufacturing, cellular and gene product testing, as well as process analysis and optimization.

We have excellent, long-standing working relationships with FDA and other regulatory bodies to ensure your submissions are fairly reviewed and your quality systems are properly prepared.